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We're a community of people who love Jesus,

seek to follow Him in our messy lives,

and want to share His Good News with the world.

We'd love you to meet Him too.

We are excited to begin regathering, in person, as an intergenerational church family united in Jesus.

As restrictions ease we are beginning to regather. Some of our gatherings are already up and running while others will take a little longer to get started. While most of us continue to meet in house churches, watching the live stream at 10am on Sundays, there are opportunities to meet in person for those who are ready.

Sunday Gatherings

We are aiming to recommence our three Sunday gatherings from the 5th of December. In the meantime the Night Church crew are meeting at 5.30pm in Nicholson Park and a small crew are meeting at 10am in the church (limited numbers).

Church picnics will be a regular event for the next few months to give us opportunity to reconnect in a relaxed, safe environment. Keep an eye on the announcements in the live stream or in the newsletter to find out when they are on.

Kids and Youth

Thrive Kids and The Edge are meeting on Sundays from 9.45am to 11.15am.

YConnect is back on and all highschool age kids are welcome.

Struggling with lockdown? Wanting to connect during isolation?

Fill out a connect card and we will be in touch.

Join us on Sunday

All services are conducted in accordance with COVIDSAFE guidelines. If you have any concerns or questions about COVID safety at church or our COVID-19 safety plan, please,contact us.

Just Jesus mural

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